Thursday, November 26, 2015

Many Reasons to Be Thankful

This Thanksgiving a weight was lifted off our shoulders bright and early. The remaining hay with Panicum was picked up by our hay supplier. No more worrying. No more raking up toxic grass. Even better news was that he has first cut orchard grass from a field with no panicum. He brought us four bales for our approval. I seriously could have hugged that bale of hay just because I saw no toxic grass. I can't wait to get that hay delivered.

Our 79 year old hay supplier had his son look up the toxic grass online, so they would know what the grass looks like. Once they saw the picture they knew what it was and could know which fields the hay came from. The cows actually get fat on that hay and it is requested by cow owners most often, but they did not know the toxic effect to horses. They were glad to find out and not sell any to horse people. We sent back 60 bales, which was close to the amount we had not paid for yet. We could not believe it when he told us he would credit us 60 bales from the next delivery. Oh, no we could not accept that and cause him to lose nearly $500. We told him we were square and would start fresh.

On top of the immense relief of waving good bye to toxic hay, we spent the day with the horses, had great weather and capped off the day with a ride. Now we wait for dinner. And tomorrow I will enjoy not having to work on Black Friday.

Enjoy the holiday everyone!


  1. omg your cover picture!! I really need to read blogs on my computer more, the moble version doesn't let me see the new cover pics!!

    1. Ha, so true. I love that pic of the red boys :)

  2. ha i love their "stockings"!! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving :)