Thursday, March 31, 2016

"From Fine To Paralyzed In An Hour"

Those are the words hanging over our heads right now. Remember I mentioned Deliah, our nearly 3yr old corgi, had a back issue a few weeks ago. Well we set her follow up appointment for Wednesday to get her cleared to begin the acupuncture. Unfortunately Tuesday after running out in the woods, she again showed signs of intense pain. So crazy for her to go from fine to crippled in a moment.
Too Cute to be in so much pain

Mom took her to the vets where a different doctor reviewed the previous x-rays. This doctor thought she saw something and ordered an different view. The results were clear showing either a ruptured or slipped disc near her rib cage. The doctor was amazed how sweet Deliah was even with the level of pain she was feeling. She tried to give kisses to all the techs and never tried to bite.
So Deliah is on cage rest for two weeks and will see the chiropractor for some acupuncture on Monday. We are hoping the acupuncture will be enough of a solution and keep her out of back surgery.
With Degenerative Disc Disease Deliah will always have to be careful, but hopefully we can make sure her quality of life still meets acceptable standards to keep her happy.

Okay so everyone needs to send in Foal Pool guesses to get my mind off worrying about Deliah! There are three entries so far and plenty of chances to win a prize. And here is the video mash up I did for Roscoe.


  1. As a human with Degenerative Disc Disease, I will tell you there is hope for your pup! It's very possible to manage & maintain spine health & back strength even with this condition and avoid surgery. I hope she starts feeling better soon though, it HURTS!

  2. I work for a vet whose entire practice is devoted to acupuncture and rehab. We see a lot of IVDD dogs (along with a hell of a lot of dogs with spinal issues that aren't completely localized...without an MRI many lesions can't be seen). We have several dogs that were completely down, owners were told to euthanize, so they came to us and the dogs are now walking again. Acupuncture is an incredibly valuable tool in the hands of an experiences practitioner and I have seen it do amazing things to help with pain and healing.

    Hope it helps your girl!

  3. Awww no poor sweet girl!! Fingers crossed she is feeling much better soon.

  4. Poor Deliah! I'm so sorry - hopefully the treatment works wonders on her!