Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ugly, Awesome and Turtle Track

So since my goal to ride or work someone every day I am at the barn, I have only had six misses. Those were due to medical (dog or horse) or weather/footing. I did manage to ride 19x during February. 9 of those rides were on Roscoe. I am trying to keep his work consistent. When I started working Comrade all those years ago, he was on a two day a week program. That worked well for him and it is starting to show positive effects for Roscoe.

Full February

Well the other day I decided that I just wanted Roscoe to GO. We have not addressed canter in ages, since he has been so sticky at the trot. I don't think Roscoe is a great multi tasker. Anyway, I told him we were cantering. I did not care how he picked it up or how long he cantered, but we were doing it in some form. Let me just say the boy listened.
We cantered and the transitions were UGLY. I probably looked like a crazy person getting him to canter, but you do what you have to. My weird little boy did his normal travel right and canter left thing. I did not care, he was going. The transitions did get quicker, with less work coming from me and more from him. We also managed the correct leads both directions. Roscoe soon decided this cantering stuff was pretty good.
Roscoe earned a roll in the sawdust :)
The bonus factor was that once he cantered the gait was awesome. Plus he actually stretched into the bit during the canter. Maybe it is because I am doing this by myself, but I find these little things so wonderful. His neck was so floppy afterwards, I could only smile. I will never call myself a trainer, but at least my pony is headed in the right direction. At this point I am okay that we are on the Turtle track. I want to be like those people on Facebook posting pictures of their 30 and 40 year old Cobs. Because in the end you remember the pony/person journey rather than just the show highlights. Looking back I miss Barry's presence more than I miss showing him. Roscoe and I have time and I am going to take it.
Cute beggar

Speaking of time, there is just over 3 weeks left to enter Roscoe's Foal Pools. Emma of 'Fraidy Cat Eventing has kicked the contest off with her entry. Remember to share on your Blog and send me an email. That way I know who is entering.

Reach for your Guesses!


  1. aw so glad Roscoe is doing so well! i'm a big believe in the turtle track too - esp for us adult ammys. if i tried to compare myself to all the pros who seem to get things done at warp speed, i'd probably be pretty disappointed in myself! but like you say, that's not the point at all - it's all about the journey :)

  2. Just found your blog through Emma's post about Roscoe's babies. I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon this little oasis of all things equine before. What a wonderful herd you have, I hope you don't mind my adding you guys to me "to-stalk-list" *whistles*

    1. Ah, thanks Aoife. I don't mind at all. I love sharing my horses.