Friday, June 17, 2016

Super Ponies, Baths and The Countdown

After Roscoe's super little jump session, I worked Comrade and Rosemary over the same set of poles.
Remind you of a certain Roscoe baby....

Ah, The Sprinkler
Comrade came ready to work and impressed me with some of his moves after time off. The pole work got his hind end working, which allowed him to pull off some great walk to canter transitions. He could not carry the canter long, but that was okay since the transition was correct. I focused on the transition and Comrade came through, literally, both ways. I ended with asking him to pick up canter over the jump. Soon we will get Comrade back into shape.
Post bath Beauty

 With Rosemary, I dropped the jump to a raised trot pole. She is not a jumper, but still could do with raised pole work. We had to work on straight. Little girl had a hard left drift. Once I closed the left aids, she traveled well through the poles. When I asked her to canter, the gait was more together and less strung out. A definite improvement for Rosemary. I really liked her more compact and up position. Poles can help so much.
"I can lift my foot"
Though Winston decided he would just knock the jump over when I asked him to walk over it. Ah, well he made up for it with an awesome impression of a hunter pony. I let him trot with big strides, on a long rein around the arena going both directions. Before he would break into canter, but not this time. He opened and flowed so smoothly. Then I did ask for canter and it was wonderful. Same long rein, same long strides. Someone was feeling good. We changed direction and he quietly picked up the correct lead. Considering he had a long time off, he acted as if he had worked everyday.
Winston is so handsome

Post bath Grey again :)

Clean Pony!
And to top off my string of great rides, Roscoe and I went out of the arena. Yeah, we have done trail rides before, but this was asking him to work in the front pasture. I did have Peggy come and watch for safety. The front pasture is where everyone, but the Red Boys, have normal turnout. The rare time the Red Boys get to go out there, they run around. So Roscoe thought he would get to play when we walked into that pasture. It took a minute and some walking around for him to get that he was suppose to be working.

Clean Chrome
Then I had my pony back and we trotted around. Roscoe had to figure out how to balance up and down the small hill. To the left, he tried just rushing. Then to the right he sat down so quick it startled me. Eventually he found a smoother answer. Roscoe also discovered that trotting uphill is hard work and decided he would maintain one speed. I need more rides out of the arena with him so we can work towards a show. I can't wait to canter him out there where there is more room. For this ride, I kept it short and positive.
In between all the riding during the super hot weekend, Mom and I gave all six horses baths, pedicures and sheath/udder cleanings. Luckily the wash rack is indoors and has hot water.
Dottie enjoyed her bath

A picture of clean DaVinci lasts longer than the real one :)

Comrade got to go out front while Roscoe dried

Roscoe and Rosemary were the only ones who complained. They both hate water dripping down their bodies. I am so glad to wash away the last of winter.
Lisa and I were comparing belly spots between Roscoe and Mini me. Mini's is bigger, but Roscoe's has more character. His "V" marked him as ours from day one.
And now I begin the countdown, next week we travel to Indiana to see the foals. Finally!!! Most likely we will pick the one who will join his father and granddam while we are there. Decisions, decisions. This way the breeder can list the others for sale. I love seeing the comments about all the foals. Comrade's nephew seems to have a Canadian following and people hoping for a dressage future. A definite possibility for him. The other two Red Colts remind me of Roscoe as a baby, probably because both are line bred. Ugh, the wait is too long. I will have Alanna's cross stitch to work on during drive since my sister finished the pattern, so my hands will be busy.

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  1. My mare hates baths too, poor thing. Her time is coming tho!!