Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Getting Back On Track

I was determined to get back on my goals, riding and working out. Humidity and the rain have hampered the first, but this month I started working out. My hand is not happy, but I need to get back on track. All the cobs need me fitter, so I need to do the time. That would be my reason for not posting recently.
So Handsome, Sigh

I did have a really great ride on Roscoe yesterday. After working on go for the last few rides, I wanted to play. So I set up a simple pole line with a pole line to tiny jump right next to it. Roscoe noticed it as soon as we went in the ring. He beelined for the poles and picked up a trot half way through. The next time through he floated. I laughed when we went over the poles towards Peggy and Roscoe decided to pick up canter. Someone was really happy!

Once he handled the pole line, I let him go over the little jump. He could not have done it better. He lifted up in the shoulders, rounded his back and followed behind.
See someone in the background ;)

The jump was just enough for the height. Of course when I gave Peggy the camera, he decided he could be lazy, whacking the pole pretty hard. Surprisingly it stayed up. The next pass I made sure he was pushing from behind as we entered the poles. Again we got the super cute little jump. The last pass, he took the jump in stride with no touching. I was super happy with his work. That was the most balanced he has ever been over fences. Baby steps can be so exciting :)
The Older colts are starting to play

Mare and Foal Huddle
And speaking of babies... Yep pictures. PS Emma and Kelly, send me your gift card choices.

Can you tell who is who? I can :)

Oh Yeah, COB TROT!


  1. You and Roscoe look wonderful! I can't wait to try Fergie over a little jump :) I can't get enough of those baby pics - keep them coming.

    1. Thanks Kelly! Can't wait to see Fergie jump too. Lisa is keeping me supplied with pictures.

  2. How do you do anything else besides watch those babies? You and Roscoe are looking good! :)

    1. They are over 10 hours away so I only get to see them in pictures provided by the breeder. I can't wait to visit them.

  3. Aw he looks so happy through the poles over the jump!

  4. So many pretty, playful babies! Makes my heart happy <3

  5. Eeek. Adorable babies. I want to squish their cute little faces.