Monday, August 22, 2016

I Need a Groom!

We finally have a break in the heat which means I can get back to steady riding. What I really need is a groom who can hold one horse or warm up a horse while I ride another. I would be so much more productive. I tend to lose steam or get distracted by barn work in between rides. I can dream right?
So tonight I tacked both Comrade and Rosemary and brought them to the arena. Comrade was "tied" to the fence with his halter while I worked Rosemary. He was really good and went right to work when I switched. At one point we had to intercept Rosemary who was headed to the garden. I made her pony with Comrade for a bit before letting go back to eating the grass along the arena. They both got about 20 minutes and I felt better having worked more than one horse. Of course I really need that groom if I want to add Roscoe to the mix. 

Meanwhile my Mom is getting back into working with the horses by starting Roscoe with the pvc poles working toward the drag for driving. He is more sensitive and questions things "following" him more than Rosemary ever did during training. So he is taking a longer, slower training route. On Sunday he dragged both long poles without getting quick or spinning. I am just glad my Mom is getting involved again. She will keep this up until it is boring for him. Then she will connect the two poles to a chain to make the drag. 

And to add to the fun we have this in the works

Falling down

Yep, fence work. All the outer fencing that is 20+ years old is being replaced. The fence guys will start with the smallest area so that we have some place to put Roscoe. Then we can combine all the others if needed while they work the other areas. Hopefully this is completed before Peggy and I leave to visit the babies.


  1. Idk why but there's always something so exciting about new fences!!

  2. The fences are beautiful! I would love a groom too. Maybe it's not too late to think of the riding commune idea....

  3. New fencing is so exciting! Expensive, but very exciting!!