Monday, August 29, 2016

Super Surprise!

Don't get too excited. I believe I have established that little things make a big impression on me. Years ago Comrade decided to eat my tire cover on my trailer while waiting at a show. He also ate the breast bar. He is a bit destructive.  Anyway the tire cover bit the dust for good last year when we took it off when we had our tire issue on the road.
I have been looking for a new cover, but was not thrilled with the ones I found. Peggy decided to take matters in her own hand and ordered a white cover with black piping. Then she found a saying to put on the cover. That was awhile ago.
Well she came and said she had a better idea of a design to put on the cover: her farm sign. Peggy and Larry dubbed their farm Sixpence Farm back in 2000. This was a play on their last name and some of their roots. Peggy used the design found on the 1953 sixpence for the center.

The floral has the English Primrose (top), the Scottish Thistle (right), the Welsh Leek (left), and the Irish Clover (bottom) which represents the British Isles.

A bonus was that she was able to get it in a color that matches my trailer stripe. Plus my Mom has long wanted a decal to put on the trailer representing the farm. I am definitely keeping Comrade's chompers away from this cover. So here is my super surprise courtesy of Peggy: