Sunday, September 11, 2016

Riding High

I know I said my visit with Jen and Connor would be next, but it is getting bumped for a pony brag. It will be the next one though.
My mom took today off with the thought of bringing Rosemary and Comrade to a breakfast drive. We decided not to go since it is a long drive and Peggy just did the drive to/from Indiana last weekend. So instead we drove them both in the neighborhood. I orginally planned to stay at the barn and get night chores while they took them out, but Peggy was feeling on the edge of overheated and I went as a back up driver. The drive was fun and the horses were great about a few adjustments we made along the way.
"I am the best pony ever"
After the drive it was later than I expected and I almost finished up to head home. But my Mom mentioned working with Roscoe and Me over jumps. I ride alone so often that the chance to jump does not happen. Roscoe had already done a session dragging the pvc drag on the road earlier, but he was ready to work.  Any time we put his fly boots on he stomps his feet and is generally uncooperative. I laughed when I put his splint boots on because he stood still.
The final line
He focused on the poles Mom was setting up and walked over to check it out. She set up a raised pole to two trot poles to a single pole in a straight line. The distances were set close until we could see how he would travel. Roscoe went right through figuring out the pattern. He had a strong left drift, but other than keeping him straight I stayed out of his way. Mom ended up stretching the distances when he relaxed, opening his stride. Then Mom raised the single pole creating a raised to two trot poles to raised pattern. Again Roscoe strolled right through it. At one point he was so smooth, I felt like he was moving on the flat ground rather than over poles.
Posing next to his accomplisment
Mom raised one end to the middle height and rolled in one of the trot poles to create a ground line. By this point Roscoe was in total work mode and working the best I have ever felt him. So going through I asked for more and let him give the answer. His answer was to jump just the right amount. Mom raised the other end and Roscoe decided to trot in over the first and jump over the last. Then something happened I never expected. Traveling to the right, his easier direction, Roscoe jumped in and cantered over the pole and then jump over the second jump. I was so happy.
We ended with Mom raising the last jump to an X. Roscoe noticed the change, jumped in and then put on the brakes. I was able to block his right swerve and redirect him to walk over the X. On our last pass he jumped in, cantered two strides, trotted to the X and did an absolutely wonderful bascule over the jump. I halted him two strides after and just hugged him. I gave him sugar and hopped off. I love this pony. We have watched him from the day he was born and yet he still surprises us. This jump progression exercise showed how mature he has grown. I was riding high today and can't wait to see my baby continue to spread his wings.


  1. What a good boy figuring out the grid!! :D

  2. Congratulations! With Connor, it was the phase 2 of jumping that was hardest. When we first started jumping, he was like "Okay, this is a thing that I do," and then after a while he was like, "Maybe this is a thing I don't have to do if I think this through hard enough..." and that is the only time in his career when he would run out, stop etc. My trainer said it's normal for the smart ones. Then once he never got away with it, he's been honest ever since. Just passing that along from one Welsh owner to another, they are thinkers!

    1. Yes, they are! I kept waiting for him to pull something, but maybe next time he will test the limits. Comrade normally does the line well, then starts questioning during the same ride.