Friday, September 30, 2016

Baby Royal Rules The Ring

This year they live streamed the Welsh National Show and I was able to watch some of the classes Castleberry Cobs competed in. Unfortunately traffic kept me from seeing Baby Royal in her own class, but I did see her during Rosina's class. She has super presence in the ring and her movement is awesome. Not too surprising since Rosina and Roscoe are both proven winners in the breed ring.
What was great was that she received Champion Filly from the UK judge. I loved seeing her in the champion position during the Grand Champion Cob class. I was glad to see Lisa's breeding program receive the accolades it deserves. She puts a lot of time and thought into each pairing and champions are born.

PC Mandy Brezina, Glad she got a picture, my phone was charging from my earlier live watching

Roscoe at his first show
Baby Royal even pulled the "I want a milk break" in the show ring like Roscoe did at his first show. Who ever is lucky enough to own this girl will get an awesome show pony.


  1. Aw they are just too cute! So awesome to see the breeding program get such recognition too!