Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lucky Buys

Over the last six months I have had a few lucky buys. The first had my jaw dropping.

Back in February I saw a notice about a sale on an Amigo blanket. I clicked on the link for CountryandStable.com expecting the typical $50 off or other minor discount. What I found was a mid weight Amigo Bravo 12 selling for under $60. That was over $100 off the normal price then and now the regular price is $229.95. Even though it was not a blanket I would normally buy, I clicked to order one. At that price it was worth trying. At one point I thought I lost the sale when I went to ask my Mom her opinion. They were sold out, but luckily one was still in my cart. Six weeks later I received the blanket in a size that will work on 4 of my horses.
Amigo Bravo 12 plus mid weight 250gm photo from Country and Stable

So when I saw a sale on blankets at the same site, I looked further. This time I choose a Pessoa Light Turnout Sheet that was selling for $45. That price could not be passed up. At check out, I scored an additional 15% off. Roscoe is now wearing a really light, great purple sheet. He is so narrow I had to knot the surcingles, but otherwise the sheet fits him well. Country and Stable is one I will keep an eye on for future blanket sales.

Just the other day, Mom and I went shopping for things we will need for Ember when he arrives. We had no luck at the first store finding those items, but I found a Full Cheek three piece sweet copper bit in the markdown area. Once we verified it was dressage legal I decided to buy it for Roscoe, who has not been thrilled with the rubber mullen mouth full cheek. Regular price was $84.99 and the markdown was $59.50. When I got to the register the cashier said there was an additional discount, so the bit ended up being $47.60. Everything I bought that day was less than the original price. Definitely meant to be. Roscoe took the bit right away when I tried it on him. Pony approved.

Peggy also had a lucky buy when she purchased a Marathon Wagonette for a price that saved her nearly $1300. It needs some work, but overall is a great carriage. Plus with a purchase of a team pole, we can start the path to driving a pair. The best part is it seats six people and is great for the dogs too. It came with a not so great plastic harness that can serve as a back up to the two leather harnesses.
Deliah said she wanted her drive


  1. What awesome bargains!
    I love Horseware rugs, that bit sounds like a fab deal & that carriage is amazeballs

  2. I need to follow you around... good steals on blankets!

  3. Wow awesome finds all around!!