Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Product Review: Hands On Grooming Gloves

I tend to be very basic in what I need for daily grooming. Give me a curry and a mixed brush and I am good to go. So when Peggy pulled out these Hands On Grooming Gloves, I  was not in a rush to try them. Plus unless it is winter or a horse show, I am not someone who wears gloves.

From Schneiders website

So Peggy tried them out and the horses loved them, but I was still not reaching for them.
Fast forward to the past couple of weeks when we have had rain which brought mud. Mud produces extremely dirty horses especially since we have taken off fly sheets. If I wanted to ride, I had to get through the mud to find my horses. Since mud is a hard thing to groom off certain places, I decided to give the gloves a chance.
Muddy horse who is suppose to be grey

Here is what I found:

- I only used one glove and had my brush in the other hand. When needed I could hold the brush with the glove covered hand.

- I was able to groom through the mud much quicker and more thoroughly then with a normal curry.

- The  hard to reach areas, between front legs, elbows, behind ears, fetlocks, hocks, were no problem with the glove

- The horses love the "Hands On" grooming since it mimics a good scratch and massage. I sometimes had to wake them up after a session.

- My hand was not tired from using this glove.

- The glove stayed in place.

- The glove design allows for good movement, definitely not awkward.

After the first use, these gloves have become my go to tool to cut through mud and building winter coats.

Mom has used them on the dogs, corgi and german shepherd, and removed a ton of hair. Always good to be able to use on multiple animals.

I have not tried them wet, though the are advertised as wet/dry. The small fit well for me. If you have really small hands, they could feel super spacious. They also talk about saving your manicure, but since I do so much more than grooming at the barn, I can't comment to the effectiveness in that area.

Cost wise, they run about $25 for a pair. In my barn with multiple people grooming at one time, a pair lets two people have a great tool. Worth the price for the ease of grooming. And for me to say that about gloves is a big recommendation, since I am a not a glove fan and I am a penny pincher.


  1. Eeeek - grabby hands!

    This would be so good for itchy Nancy. I wonder if they ship internationally

    1. Ps apologies for late reply, but this post only popped up on my blog feed today...literally days after you shared it - weird

    2. I wrote it on the 11th, but just posted it. So you did not miss it. And my itchy ponies love them.

  2. Those look interesting- I can see how useful they would be- I will have to see if I can get a pair

  3. I love my pair, and have gifted them several times already. My only concern is that the elastic might loosen up over time. I'm cleaning after every use and storing them in a ziploc just in case. Great product!

  4. Ooh interesting! I have a scratchy mitt that I LOVE, but it seems to get kinda clogged with dirt. This looks like a good option.