Friday, October 7, 2016

Bring On The Diapers

I have had three great rides on the Cobs this week, but unfortunately when Mom joined me on Winston, he was lame. I think in the 10 years we have had him he has only been lame twice, once with gravel and then laminitis. He was definitely lame at the trot. Peggy checked for any stones, nope. Thought maybe he had a touch of thrush, nope. We narrowed it done to the right front and once I finished my ride I looked at his foot. I cleared the sand and looked closely. Sure enough I saw a bruise and a tap with the hoof pick brought a reaction from Winston.
Well if your a horse owner you know that means foot soaking. Our previous vet showed us how to do a longer term soak by using a plastic bag, padding, Epsom Salt and Iodine. As long as the horse does not bust through the layers it can last a couple of days.

Step 1: Clean the hoof
Bruise is at the upper right

Step 2: Place the padding in water to soak or add water to the diaper, Prep materials
Tape, snow pad w/tape ready, gallon bag, diaper with salt and iodine

Step 3: Add Epsom Salt and Iodine  to the padding once out of water

Step 4: Place padding on the hoof and place a bag over the hoof
I could even use the diaper tabs to secure

Step 5: Vet wrap over the bag, remove as much air from bag so the horse does not bust it just putting the hoof down

Step 6: Use heavy duty tape over the whole set up, extra at the toe

Other than the fact that vets make wrapping tape around a hoof look way easier than I ever find it to be, the process is quick and easy (if your horse is as cooperative as Winston).

I added an old snow pad to protect the bottom this time, but we have also used cut up cardboard. Hopefully Winston will feel better in a couple of weeks. This is the second horse I know to get a bruise in the last few weeks. Fingers crossed no one else falls victim.


  1. I like the cut up cardboard idea on the bottom, that's a great idea! The last time I had to do a poultice boot it was on a yearling :( I actually bought the newborn diapers and it fit her tiny hoof perfectly!

    1. The cardboard works great and if you want to reuse just cover it in duct tape. That is what we did for my DraftX mare.