Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Full Sibling Gestating

All photos from her owner :)
My horses past and present are all "one of a kind." At least as far as I know for the older ones, but definitely for the Cobs. They have plenty of half siblings though. I never thought anything of it until I started riding Comrade and began to hear about his siblings. It is so cool to be able to follow them and see the similarities.
So when Roscoe started breeding, I hoped he would have repeat breeding's, but I also knew it was a long shot. His first five are one time deals, thankfully they are stellar. At least one of his sons will probably carry on as a stallion. AI is too expensive and unpredictable to use when you have two stallions of your own to use live cover. I am glad his breeder gave him the chance because that allowed another breeder to use him. You all know that his 2016 breeding was a last minute deal, filling in for another stallion. Fortunately Ella is an adorable filly. I did not think we would get a repeat breeding because her owner normally prefers the bigger Cobs.

Carousel at rest

Ella has received rave reviews about her personality and build. Her owner leases Tawe on a permanent basis and Tawe's owner really likes Ella. She is a judge in Canada, so it is a great compliment. So in June they contacted me about a repeat breeding. After the collection center nearly panicked when they saw the Canadian address, they fit Roscoe in for collection.
Who would not want one just like her?

Unfortunately, both mares he bred did not take the first cycle. Which means no half a hafl next year   :(  For Tawe, they short cycled her and we tried again in July. I told the vet he jinxed Roscoe when he said  he needed more collections. Of course he asked if there were any comments about Roscoe's contribution, but there have not been. I think it was more the vagaries of breeding a maiden and an older mare.

Look, someone is better than her brother during pedicures

Last week while still riding the high from the inspection, we found out that a full sibling is gestating. I am excited and hope the time goes by somewhat quickly. Foal pool anyone?

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  1. It must be exciting to see your progeny grow and develop.