Saturday, August 26, 2017

Summer Salute, Welsh Show

I was dragging as Sunday dawned. We did not make it to the barn with time to clean before loading. Ah well, we had time to do that later. Luckily both Ember and Roscoe seemed to still have white socks.

Ember loaded with only a little hesitation. And little man is not so little anymore...

Once we arrived at the show, we only had to wait for the Section B's to finish. Ember and Roscoe ate hay on the trailer and perused the area. Closer to the time for their classes, I squeezed inside with them and dusted them off. A quick spot clean of whites helped. Roscoe had to be measured now that he is six, so we headed over a little early. Mom took him while I led the wild one. Actually Ember was quite good. He only reared up once during the walk to the measuring area.

Unfortunately, the person who measured Roscoe made him lose an inch. That is not much for many horses, but it is the difference between a section C and a D. At the next show if they measure him the same, I will ask for a retake. Roscoe was so chill at this show. I guess with everything we have done with him this year, the show was nothing exciting.

When it was Ember's turn, I prayed I could keep up with him. The arena footing was a little deep from the rain. Our first run was good and we did not run over the ring steward. Ember missed the memo to walk toward the judges. They asked if he was 1 or 2? When I said 1, they said he will be a big boy. Our second trot was a bit more exciting since he went up. The people watching were impressed by his movement. Someone even mentioned he should be inspected and that he could make premium. Overall I was happy with his behavior. Pro shots can be seen here.

Then I had to switch ponies with Mom and run Roscoe. He was so quiet and boy did he look good.

After his class, Mom took Roscoe and I reclaimed Ember to go in for the Cob Champion class. It was pretty cool to see the boys in the same show ring. One judge said she would be interested to see Ember in a few years. His trot showed moments of greatness with even more extension waiting to come out. Roscoe took the class over Ember.

The next class was the Supreme class. Roscoe and Ember were up against the cute A's and B's. Most of the time Roscoe does not stand a chance. This time the second judge had all her Champions run again. I knew Roscoe did not win when the judge told us "Win or lose, you did great." Ah well, I was thrilled with both the boys. This was a successful show and a super end to the weekend.


  1. Congrats on a solid day for both boys!!

  2. They are both so cute, congratulations on some good show days