Monday, August 7, 2017

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We Survived July!!!

Bring on Intro C
We made it through a busy, hot July and I thought we would get some time to breathe. Then I looked at the show dates. The dressage show is the 19th in the evening for Rosemary and Comrade, and the Welsh show is the 20th for Roscoe and Ember. Four horses to bathe, I  must be crazy. Plus my farrier was scheduled for the 19th. This is certainly my year for doing the crazy schedule. Anyone want to play groom and pony holder?

Rosemary's debut dressage show prep

Yes Comrade, Intro C for you too

To help divert some of the packed Saturday, I asked my farrier to come the Wednesday before, thinking it would not conflict with our 4pm lesson. Turns out he can't come until 2pm, so I had to see if the lesson could move to 5pm. Ah well it will keep me on my toes.
We are squeezing in a trailer visit to the mechanic this week. Hopefully they can fix some minor issues, do an inspection and install the new moon roof since my old one is leaking.  And maybe we will get our electric brake hook up usable again. Luckily our horses are not heavy weights and the truck can stop the trailer.
And then at the end of the month we are aiming to do a cavaletti lesson at Sprieser.

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  1. Oh man that's a LOT of stuff! Lots of luck haha