Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Crack Heard 'Round The Barn

Friday morning I did not want to wake up, so I glanced at Facebook to wipe away the sleep. My eyes bugged when a post from the base I work on showed Code Red, ie closed. I texted my boss and asked if it was real. It was due to high winds already causing issues. Paid day off, YAY!
Well I told mom to stay home since she is recovering from my sister flipping her Fit with both of them in it Monday. Mom is bruised and has a swollen hand. My sister came away with a knock on the head and a glass cut on her hand. Overall a super end to a wreck. With Mom at home, Peggy decided to help with the chores. She was out picking while I worked on water and hay. Then we heard the CRACK.
It sounded close and it sounded from the direction of the trailer and chicken coop. We both circled the house to see. Sadly I saw what I did not want to see.
My view
Peggy's view

The dang tree crunched my trailer!!!! I just about cried. Except for my education, my trailer is my biggest purchase. This hurts big time. We had the truck hitched since I had a lesson scheduled at Sprieser on Sunday. Canceled now :(
Stabilizer bars on the ground

 The tree drove my jack foot through the plastic rest and into the ground. The jack is tipped slightly back. The hitch and trailer tongue nearly touch the ground. We worry about the truck suspension. You can see where the hitch initially hit the ground and came up a little.

Approx 16 inch diameter tree

The big ass tree landed across the roof right at the front most point. At the front the fiber glass is busted outside and inside the dressing room. The roof is pushed down. We won't know how bad everything is until the tree comes off. That will be Monday since the tree guy is backed up getting trees off houses.

Dressing Room
Broken branch
 And some shots from different angles. None make me feel any better, except that the truck did not get hit.
Very top hangs over Peggy's trailer

With all the wind and power outages I could not call home or Dad or anyone. Luckily I could use Peggy's land line to call my insurance and start that process. The adjuster will be out Monday too. I was a bit worried when he asked if it was a mobile home. Ugh, I hate claims and repairs. As a friend said "Your not fixing that with duct tape and baling twine."


  1. I gasped when I saw it. I would be crying. The wind has been fierce all weekend!

  2. Omg! Hope the insurance will pay for most of it. Look on the bright side, it didn’t fall on anything alive!

    Keep us posted on repair details, we are curious to know how they do it. Would you take it back to the manufacturer or use a car body shop?