Friday, March 16, 2018

Feeding Changes: Going Green

Dottie has continued to have issues with diarreha, so Mom made an appointment for a phone consult with Joyce Harman. She asked for a picture, a list of medications, supplements and food.
Going Green :)

Since Dottie's issues are in her gastrointestinal system, Joyce wanted to change her diet somewhat.
So alfafa cubes were changed to timothy pellets.
We took everyone off of beet pulp (can't afford the advertised nonGMO brand)
Stopped the Metabolic Mineral, began Kelp
Horses only need a tablespoon a day. The 50lb bag plus shipping was about $80.

Dotties, Definitely contains Cinnamon
Dottie was put on Hilton Herbs Digest Support
Slippery elm, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Cramp bark, Milk thistle, Liquorice, Gotu kola.

She did two containers, but we did not see significant changes. So Joyce put her on a Chinese Remedy. It is made at the same company that made the remedy that helped Rosemary's sarcoid. She has had one container already and we have begun to see a difference.

As we changed Dottie's food, it is no surprise that changes happened to the others.
DaVinci also is on a Chinese remedy to help with fluid retention. 3 containers for him.

 The biggest was Roscoe. We have been trying to find the right program for giving him energy, keeping weight on especially during breeding season and not require pounds to be fed. We had him on the senior glow the old guys eat. What we did not know is that it is formulated to work with the slower metabolism of older horses. Roscoe was getting none of the energy because he processed it too fast. Plus she thinks he is out of alignment from as far back as his phantom training.

His changes are:

He will be on a Chinese Remedy too. Time to get him ready for show/breeding season.

The Senior changed to Triple Crown Natural
This food has a lot of good stuff in it and you don't have to feed a ton.

He will go off the Metabolic 33%, we can add oats or barley later if anyone needs more oomph.

Superfine, green powder
Funny Face with Green Lips
And last but not least, Comrade and Rosemary are going green.

This year to help with their allergies Mom ordered algae, Spirulina. They get 2tb twice a day. It stinks and turns their food green. We worried they would not eat the stuff, but they have no issue. Even Roscoe and Ember think the stuff is good.

Kelp, flax, bran and Spirulina

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  1. Cool, I've been wanting to talk to an equine nutritionist. But I don't have any specific issues that need addressing, so I guess it's not at the top of the priority list. (Plus I'm worried the recommendations will be expensive!)