Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Trailer Update: Whew, Not Totaled

My trailer was finally freed on the 9th. Mom said they used a bobcat to lift the tree off the trailer and then used a tractor to lift the trailer out of the ground and push it backwards. Then they were able to chop up the tree.


Rest in pieces

The worst damage

I now need a new rest
 Before and after the tree was removed. The fiberglass popped up somewhat in the front, but all the way where it rested along the support.

Amazingly, the trailer looked better once the weight was lifted. The front was not bowing either. My Dad had it hooked back up to the truck by time I got to the barn.

Mom made the appointment with the Taylor Boyz for an estimate. Peggy and I brought it to them and watched the amazement blaze in their eyes when I showed them the pictures. They could not believe the limited damage considering the size of the tree.

So they are going to patch the fiberglass and bend the supports back into place. The jack probably needs a new bolt at the front since it is loose. I also asked them to check the tackroom door. The floor just inside was wet when I emptied the room. The seal may have been loosened during the hit. My insurance is thrilled because the price is much lower at $2115.

Mud everywhere
Peggy and Larry managed to drop off the trailer yesterday in the rain/sleet. So in a about a week, we should have a whole trailer again. I got so lucky. Other people need brand new roofs due to tree damage. My trailer got hit at the strongest point and the impact was absorbed by the ground and the truck.

Bailey wanted to go out

I love snow capped trees

Looking for Spring

The rain/sleet turned into the most snow we have had all winter. So spring begins with lots of mud.