Saturday, June 19, 2021

Happy 10th Birthday Roscoe!

 Can you believe it has been ten years since this blinged out red boy joined the world?

If you have followed the blog since the start then you know his history and how far he has come. We are talking about doing Second level next month. That has been a goal since he was six.

I cannot describe how Roscoe has influenced my riding and my goals. He is one of a kind, literally and figuratively. 

He sadly did have to endure a bath today and strongly objected. Ten years has not changed his opinion of water. It is really fun to wash a moving target. I made sure to bring him an oatmeal creme pie and then let him graze. That really was for me to let him dry, but hey he liked it. 

And as a follow up to the canter debate, I am learning to really focus on my aids. Otherwise he will do a change.

We can pick the lead I want on the straight.

But the diagonal to counter is still a work in progress. He is slick at a simple change.
If I ride correct, we can do it.
Plus a little work on our rein back.

And as the day went on Roscoe nearly became a father for the 12th time. Gypsy Jazz decided to pause though, so we wait some more.

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