Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Wait is Over, Finally a Foal

 Thank you anyone who is able to donate to DaVinci's treatment. Mom was able to find the $925 medicine online for a significantly cheaper price, so that helps. My Magna Wave practitioner is figuring out the best practice for his treatment. Hopefully we will see a difference soon!

Ok so Gypsy Jazz has put her owners through so many false labors, they began to worry. Finally this morning around 2am central the breeder woke to find a foal in the stall. And after three years, Roscoe has another FILLY. I am so happy about that. 

Gypsy's face says it all

So here is Ragtime Reflection, a chestnut filly, with a blaze and four stockings.

Everyone was agreed about the color and there was an even split about the gender. The winning factor this year was the birth date. Lauren of She Moved to Texas guessed the exact day, gender, color and facial marking. Congratulations! Send me an email at equipilot@yahoo.com to let me know where you would like your $25 gift card to come from and if you have any specific request for your cross stitch.

Next year could be a big foal pool if all the mares actually get pregnant. Tomorrow we collect to see if Gypsy's mom will catch this time. We are waiting to hear about one mare already bred and we have three, at least, waiting to breed. Two are just not progressing. It has been quite the breeding season.

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