Monday, June 21, 2021

Surprising Diagnosis, Please Help

 Last Friday we had the vet come and check out Ember, who conked his head, and DaVinci for all his issues. The vet pretty much thought DaVinci's neurologic symptoms and facial paralysis was caused by melanomas on the brain stem and further down his neck. But to cover the bases he took bloodwork.

Today he called to say DaVinci has EPM. On one hand we are glad it is treatable, on the other we are in a position that the money is tough. The gold standard treatment is $1600 for four tubes. The next step down is $925 for an oral med for 30 days. 

After my dad's heart attack, Griffyn's attack and all my health issues this is hard. So if anyone is willing to donate to DaVinci's treatment, we would be extremely grateful. We really want to give him a chance to recover which is why I am even asking.

With help we can get Magna Wave to help with any inflammation caused by fighting off the bugs, which may need additional meds too.

 Please send via Paypal friends and family NVasil

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