Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Fling Professional Pic's

Okay the Professionals pictures finally posted. They are scattered since there was two photographers.
Breed Classes Sat 19th

In this album, the horses are on pages 1-7, 13 (last pic), 14-18, 21-23, 29 (1st pic), 82-85, 89-91, 93, 100-101
Addie is the chestnut cob wearing a bridle w/me wearing the blue/green shirt. There are some really good shots of Rosemary.

Ridden Classes Sat 19th

In this album, Comrade and I are on pages 1-5. This was the Ridden Welsh class. And yes we are not wearing a saddle pad, so to be traditional.


PS looks like Rosemary's driving training will be rained out tomorrow. So disappointing.


  1. Great pictures! I think the photographers really loved your horses!

    1. Thanks, Story.
      My guys are hams. They hear the click of a camera and become models. During one class, Rosemary was right in front of them, so I think that is when they got a lot of those head shots ;)