Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Driving Training Rosemary Part 1

About a year ago Rosemary started learning the basics of driving while in foal with Roscoe. As a 3yr old who had not had much under saddle training, she was a bit hot between the lines. We were impressed with how she took to the training though. Eventually we had to take a break because of advanced pregnancy. She has had a little bit of training in the months after, but nothing new.
At Christmas, Peggy surprised us with the gift of formal training for Mom and Rosemary by a trainer she knows. We only had to wait for fox hunting season to end. So now, every Wednesday is training day. Mom will trailer Rosemary over to Peggy's house, since that is where the cart is kept.
I missed out of this session since I was at work, but the next ones will be later so I can watch too.
The trainer was thrilled with the dogs, Shadow, Kayla, Griffyn and her little one, running around barking providing a great desensitizing exercise. Plus the wood chipper started up adding another noise.
Rosemary has matured so much and Mom said all the riding experience showed today. The first time she was hooked to the PVC training system last year, she freaked. This time she went right to work. She had her moments, but she is a Cob and a mare so that is to be expected. I am so excited to see how she progresses.
More next week, especially since I will be there to see first hand.

Our "deal" of cart and harness for $500 (picture taken last year)


  1. She does look comfortable! I think that it takes a very specific personality for a horse to be good at driving- it looks like she has it :)

  2. Oh for sure she does. I think it is in her genes.
    She does have a half sister who drives, so we shall see.