Monday, May 14, 2012


Hmm, how time flies. It was a crazy, if short weekend. On Saturday, I had to get some weed whacking done. We have about 8 acres and a lot of fence line. Mom and I are both vertically challenged and traditional gas powered weed whackers are difficult for us to use. So my wonderful Dad got us a push weed whacker. It is great and does not need an oil/gas mix.
So, I plugged in my Ipod and went to work as I listened to an audible book by Patricia Cornwell. I also enjoyed a lovely show of movement from Roscoe and Rosemary. They love any excuse to run around. I love seeing how both are maturing.
After almost four hours of weed whacking, I got most of the fence lines done. I figured I deserved a ride. Although I really wanted to ride Rosemary, but I had to stay on DaVinci's good side so I rode him. I figured I would do a quick stroll with him, then ride the pony girl. DaVinci had other ideas.
He gave me a great ride. I rode bareback, which is how I ride him most of the time, and we did some leg yields, change to half passes. He loves to do lateral work and riding bareback I can feel is he is cheating at all. On our last half pass to the right and the change of bend once we reached the edge, he picked up canter in the smoothest transition ever. Like letting out a breathe. That is the magic of partnership and connection.
Well DaVinci drew me in for a longer ride and I did not get to ride Rosemary. I settled my guys and headed out to ride Comrade.
This Saturday is the Spring Fling VA Welsh show. Rosemary, Roscoe, Comrade and Addie (Peggy's Cob mare) will all be showing in hand. Comrade and I will be doing my first Ridden Welsh class at this show. This is a pattern and conformation class that is suppose to show the true Welsh movement. Stallions really show what this class is all about, but it is open to horses five and older.
I decided to practice for the class during my ride. Well Comrade decided that in the early dusk, the dogs were ghosts coming to eat him. So I started doing shoulder ins and haunches in or out to get his attention on me. Those movements are great to set up for canter transitions and boy did he give me great transitions. I looked on the plus side. If I can ride through this tension, I should be able to ride at the show. We shall see. I was able to end the ride on a longer rein completing the pattern.
The count down begins. I worked on Sunday in order to take off Friday. Four horses to bathe should be interesting. For this show Roscoe's breeder will be there to help handle the horses. During a long talk on Sunday she realized that we will need three handlers, since there is a chance all three will make it to the Cob Grand Champion class. It will be a very long day, but we will be in good company.
And the weather looks like it will be clear. After the last show that in itself will make the day better. If you are in Northern VA, come to the 4-H center in Front Royal on Saturday and Sunday and see the wonderful Welsh ponies and cobs.

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