Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Driving Training 2

All day it threatened to rain, but when the time came for mom to trailer Rosemary over to Peggy's there was still no rain.
I was running late because coming from work traffic was horrible. By time I got to Peggy's they were already working Rosemary in the arena and it was lightly raining. So no pictures or video this time.
The trainer had Rosemary hooked to the training device and going around doing figure 8's and circles. Mom was near by but basically no one needed to be at Rosemary's head. Rosemary really settled into her cruising walk. As the rain continued to fall, the Rotten Pony with an ATTITUDE made an appearance.
"What are you talking to me? I don't want too."
She really started throwing a fit and overreacting to the whoa command. At one point Peggy and I thought she would break one of the PVC poles along her side she had it bowed so much. This is when you can really appreciate having someone who knows what they are doing holding the reins. The trainer took it in stride and established what she wanted. Eventually Rosemary realized she was not winning that battle and started standing and waiting to be told to move on. Peggy and I were impressed watching the trainer started driving her with one hand. She made it look easy, but we know a lot was being said through that connection.
The lesson was not long due to the rain, but it was effective. The trainer wants to hook her to the cart next week, so that will be exciting. With Rosemary's attitude and intelligence we have to be meticulous with the steps  and watch her all along the way.
Homework the Rosemary: Work on patience while standing.
Mom and I worked her twice in the last week and Rosemary was really good. We were careful to keep the training within our comfort zone. We want to keep things going well and leave the challenging parts for the trainer.
I have to say watching Rosemary work in harness really makes me want to ride her. Now if the weather would cooperate, I could. Hopefully the weekend will be better.
Stay tuned for next weeks lesson :)

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