Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Show Overlaps

Since I have so much time in Florida, I have been keeping track of the show listings. I already have a Welsh breed show on the calender for April 22nd, but I wanted to see the other schooling show schedules. One of the Hunter show series finally listed dates. Of course the first show is the same day as the Welsh show. Take that off the options for now.
Next our local horse society holds a variety of shows for different disciplines. I already knew I could not do the jumper shows since they are held on a week day. This year they are having 3 dressage shows. The first show date... falls on the same day as the Welsh show. If it was not for Roscoe, I would consider skipping the Welsh show to go to one of the others. Breed shows are the only shows he can show in right now though. I hope to take horses to the other dressage shows in May and July.
Our local society posted their Hunter show dates. That show arena is only five minutes down the road so they are a good option. Unfortunately, their first show is April 21st... not good and the second is May 19 the same day as the VA Welsh show.
I am aiming for exposure and experience. Comrade and I did one Dressage show last year. We survived, but had a few bucks during Intro C. This year I want to get him in some jumping classes and maybe find some combined training events. At Welsh shows right now he can only do pleasure classes or green hunter. Money will decide how many Welsh shows he goes to.
Rosemary and Roscoe will at least go to the 2 VA Welsh shows in May and September and maybe some of the MD Welsh shows for the breed classes.
DaVinci would do Dressage shows (he is not very Hunter.) Dottie could do Hunter but I would love to get her to a Dressage show. Fitness will be the biggest factor for these two.
Rosemary will be trained to drive this year, so her show schedule will depend on her training and availability.
I am going to have to sit down and put the show calenders side by side and see how to work it all out.

Two mores days in Florida and then we head home. If I am not too tired I am riding my pony Friday.

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