Sunday, September 23, 2012

Locks of Love: The Cut

After a couple weeks delay, I finally made it into the salon to cut my hair.

I left how much to cut to my stylist. Locks of Love stipulates at least 10inches at the longest point.
After she measured and decided she braided the length before the cut.

The hair ended up being about 13 inches in length and I was much lighter. You never realize the weight hair has until it is gone.
Once my stylist took all her pictures, she cleaned up the cut into a great style. I have been going to her for 8yrs so she knows my lifestyle and needs.
So now I can package and mail my donation after 3yrs. Timing worked out actually as my sister's birthday was this week. And the after shot...
She dolled me up for her pictures. I never look like this normally. I took my newly made up self over to Peggy's and went for a ride. Hello helmet hair :)