Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life's Little Reminders

I have had some bad days recently. Just a summer slump and times when things never seem to go right.
Luckily owning my horses can serve as comedic relief. It is hard to feel depressed while watching Roscoe play with DaVinci, or Rosemary running her crazy Cob laps in the field.
Two times I saw a clear sign that I should see a more positive side to life.

I walked out into a part of the turn out area that the horses use as their bathroom and found a sunflower growing. We give the horses sunflower seeds as a treat and it seems that two times a seed survived the digestion process to grow out of a pile of manure. This is a picture of the bigger flower. The second one was smaller and in another area.
So I guess good things can come from crap :)
I am still looking for my sunflowers, but I know good things will come eventually.

As for the actual sunflowers I saw... well they lasted about two days before the girls decided they were perfect afternoon snacks. They served their purpose while they were around.
Keep your eyes open for life's little reminders that good can be found even in the worst moments.


  1. The regularity and pattern of feeding, mucking, horse chores helps to lift me too...

    Hope the coming weeks look brighter. :D

  2. Sorry to hear you've been down, they do have the best ways of cheering us up, though! Love the sunflower!