Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rosemary Driving: View from the seat

Rosemary did her 2nd drive down the road today. This time I took the passenger seat since my foot is sore from Roscoe. We had Mom and Larry walking with her on the ground. Rosemary loves Larry so she kept track of where he was at and would not pass him. Made for some slow moments, but it was fun to watch their interaction.
There were about five vehicles that passed by, some going way too fast. Another ATV and shortly after this video there was a woman dragging trash cans. She handled it all great. And she did it all without having a lead line attached.
Peggy let Rosemary trot three times during the drive. This video shows her second trot. She was a bit lazy today and Peggy will probably bring out the driving whip next time. Once she is trotting, it is an awesome feeling. Her downward transitions were prompt, but smooth. When we got to the corner, Peggy had her do the tight turn which makes her push against the shafts. Unfortunately a truck was coming, so she had to stop three quarters of the way through. Rosemary seems to like those turns and is like "Look I can do this." Peggy had her do another tight turn heading back to the arena. Only this time it was a right hand turn. She had to think about it, then executed it so well.
In the arena, Mom took the reins and did her first solo drive, WHOO HOO.
Nothing better than a drive with great weather and friends and a SUPER PONY. So proud of her.

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