Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Space + Pony + Cart = AWESOME

Over the weekend we moved our little cart from Peggy's to our barn. So today we had Peggy come over and try driving Rosemary in our arena. Mom and I wanted her to work her first before we tried on our own.
We hooked her to the cart by the barn and led her to the arena. Then Peggy got in and we did a couple laps around before I took off the lead. The video was taken after Peggy warmed her up. Peggy asked her for more today. With the open field, Rosemary could really open her trot better than in the small arena. She was a bit sticky on the end nearest the barn, which she does even under saddle, so Peggy had to engage her mind before coming to the area. Mostly she set her up to make the turn. It was amazing to see Rosemary have to figure out turns without a fence to guide. In a short time she was able to drive the end without Rosemary sucking back or bulging her shoulder.
Almost the whole time she was working either Dottie or Roscoe were calling. You can hear Roscoe in the video. It distracted her some, but she did well focusing on Peggy. Peggy soon handed the reins to Mom. She was a bit of a drunk driver at first until she found her contact and timing. Rosemary got into cruise mode at one point and decided she did not want to walk when Mom asked. Fortunately with the large area, she could let Rosemary move while continuing to ask for walk. Later Rosemary took advantage of Mom's inexperience and decided to refuse to move on the end of the arena by the barn. Peggy took the reins and Mom got out to go to her head. I noticed part of her breast collar was caught around the shaft and fixed that. That could have been part of the problem, but mostly it was just Rosemary's normal evasion.
Around this time the farm owner's wife and daughter came out to watch. The wife looked at me and asked "Are you guys going to buy that horse?" I think my jaw might have dropped and it took me a minute to respond. I told her it was Rosemary and she was amazed. They are not horse people, but I could not believe she did not recognize Rosemary. They really enjoyed the view and I agree, nothing like a horse and cart in a field of green. My brother even said it made him think of England, pony, cart, green grass and corgis.
Mom and Peggy will play tomorrow with Rosemary ground driving while Addie,Peggy's Cob mare, drives. I will be at work, bummer. Can't wait to hear how they both do.

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