Friday, December 21, 2012

Hang Time

Most of the time you hear the phrase Hang Time it is in reference to jumping or basketball. My hang time was a bit different. It involved Roscoe.
Any ideas yet?
Well I played with Roscoe on the ground and found he was in a really good working mood. So when we went in the barn, I led him to our mounting block. I stepped up on the highest point, while asking him to step up next to the block. He was super, even if he got distracted by the things on the steps. Then I gave Mom the line and started leaning on his back. Roscoe could care less. He looked back at me as I bumped and rubbed.
The mounting block was a bit too high to put my weight across, so we brought out the muck bucket. It was the perfect height to allow me to lay across his back. We worked both sides, gradually adding more weight. Roscoe would take a few steps out of baby wiggles. I hung on for a little then would slide off. Roscoe gets bonus points for not reacting to the static which zapped both of us. My last hang time on his right side, he carried me for about 5 steps with no issues.
At 18 months, we are not pushing to much. This is more to get him exposed. Next year we may get him backed, but we have to see how he grows. So my hang time was literal while doing my sack impressions. I can't wait to ride this pony!
Handsome Boy, Photo by Lisa Brezina Castleberry Welsh Cobs ( his breeder )


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  2. Yay! That is cool. Can't wait to hear how he progresses as he grows.