Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tick, Tick, Tick...

Hmm, lets recap the Rosemary eye saga.
November 2010
We pick her up from Indiana after vetting. The vet and us believe the hairless, rough area over her left eye is an old scar.
Me and Rosemary in Indiana

We used vitamin E oil to soften the scar and try to grow some hair.
In June Rosemary gave birth to Roscoe and nurses until November.
In December we begin to see changes in the scar.
Rosemary Christmas 2011

January 2012
The changes become a small growth. Time for the vet.
Rosemary has minor surgery and we are surprised to have the tumor roll out of the skin when manipulated. Vet believes it is a sarcoid, but a biopsy will confirm.

After biopsy

February 2012
While waiting for the biopsy results, Mom confers with our holistic vet, Joyce Harman. Because of the location on the eyelid, she does not recommend the use of a topical treatment. Instead we began using Thuja orally.
Still rocking her pink stitches

March 2012
Biopsy comes back, its a sarcoid.
No regrowth yet, fingers crossed.
"Really another picture?"

April-August 2012
No regrowth at first, but soon some small signs show.
Thuja treatment is changed to Sulphur.
Just snoozing

September 2012
A definite growth in the same area.
Even with her bump, she still was a champion at the welsh show.
Its back

October 2012
Our conventional vet brings up the option of laser surgery $$$
Mom confers with the Joyce about Chinese herbs for treatment.

November 2012
We receive her Chinese herbs and Chrysanthemum powder treatment.
Rosemary refuses to eat the herbs even with molasses.
God bless a dosing syringe
After 19 days, she finishes her herbs and we hope the torture is over.

Here is how it looked when we started the herbal treatment

The herbs she refused to eat

December 2012
Joyce delivers the sad news Rosemary will be on the herbs indefinitely.
To help, we lowered her dose a bit.
Christmas week, Rosemary begins to eat her herbs. She surprised the heck out of me. So now we make her a medicine ball.
Her sarcoid has changed in a crazy way. So much so, that Mom sent an SOS to Joyce. The good news is the changes are positive, but things could get messy. As in it could blow. Tick, tick, tick...
Rosemary does not seem bothered, which is great.
Crazy, right?

This is suppose to be a good thing...

Caution: May blow out!!!

I bet this is a different 2012 recap than most people do ;) Rosemary's sarcoid has been a big part of our year and will be in the next. I will do the traditional recap later. Stay warm.


  1. Poor Rosemary, that looks very frustrating.
    Sacroids can be the most annoying things - and very hard to get rid of them.

  2. awwwww sorry Rosemary sounds so frustrating/annoying! Hope you get rid of them soon!