Saturday, December 8, 2012

Operation Integration Part 2

Today turned into a day of delays. First up was getting our last load of hay. He was suppose to come at 10am, but he had to help his wife so he did not come until nearly 11am. As Dad was putting hay on the elevator the chain decided to jump off track. Luckily Dad and our hay guy were able to get it fixed. Since our hay delivery took longer than expected, Gretchen could not stick around to watch the girls go out together. She told us if we wanted to put our girls out, it was okay.
Before we could put the girls out, Lily showed up to ride. We were going to let Lily lead Dottie out, but Lily just wanted to ride. Mom put the saddle on and took her for a stroll around the field. After that we were finally able to get the girls out in the field. Jenna was in her sacrifice area when we let our girls into the big part of the field. Rosemary did what she normally does in an open field, run. Dottie surprised us by taking off too. Then we got an even bigger surprise when Jenna started running in the sacrifice area. She ran straight at the four strand hot wire fence and did not stop.
She busted the fence, broke some of the clips and gate handles and went running with the girls. Mom went to turn off the hot wire and assess the damage. I pulled my cell phone and called Gretchen. Since there was no way we could secure her back into the sacrifice area, we put her grazing muzzle on and let her stay with the girls for a little while. Jenna stood there realizing she did something wrong. It was really funny to see her looking over at the girls, like oh boy what have I gotten myself into now. She got scratches from us then braved the girls. Well Dottie at least. She knows Rosemary won't challenge her. She went up boldly to Dottie, poofed up and squealed. Dottie squealed back and definitely won the I am the big mare here contest. Then they went off to their own spaces and grazed. A little anti climatic, but a really good result.
Jenna got a bit pushy when we took the girls out and called a few times. She settled down quickly and went back to eating. Another good result. We still have a long way to go before they go out together full time.
Group shot just after the Dottie vs. Jenna match

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  1. Love the picture! So glad that you got a good result, hope they're all okay sounds like they took you by suprise especially jenna