Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ugh, The Torture

Mom talked to Joyce Harman today to find out the plan for Rosemary's treatment. It seems the torture medicine must continue until the symptoms, the sarcoid, disappear.
We could be doing this routine of trying to get the medicine into her for the next 6 months :{
Financially, this will also be torture. The Chinese remedy lasts about 3 weeks and costs about $125 and if you include the cost of gas used making an extra trip to the barn every day, it will be over $1500 minimum by the end. Time to see if there is anything to sell in the tack room. Anyone need a saddle?
What we may do is get her an appointment with the surgical vet, to get an estimate of how much removal will cost. Maybe if there is less sarcoid to deal with the remedy can work better. It is so tough to decide. I think we may give it until the end of January before making the decision.
Poor Rosemary really hates that remedy so we may try applesauce and maybe even mushed bananas to see if those will make it more palatable. Let the torture begin...Again.

Now for better news, My friend's husband has had some changes in a positive direction. Considering it is a week since the DNR was placed I will take anything. So keep up all the good thoughts, he is fighting.


  1. Sarcoids are scary...Carol from Dressage Training Journal had good results treating a sarcoid on her horse Rogo... you might get in touch with her. Glad to hear there is some hope for your friend's husband.

  2. Poor Rosemary. I hope you see some improvement in the sarcoid soon and I hope Rosemary decides this remedy isn't so bad!
    Happy to hear positive changes for your friend's husband. Good thoughts continue.

  3. Sorry to hear about Rosemary, I hope that you get to see an improvement soon.
    Glad to hear about the changes with your friends husband

  4. Thanks guys. We are enjoying the time until the medicine comes. CFS I will have to look into her results. We too have had good results previously on Sherman. The difference is location. Both conventional and holistic vets are leery of using topicals on the eye lid. Should be interesting.