Thursday, July 4, 2013

Finally Believing

I waited to write this post because I did not want to jinx anything. Part two of the weekend deals with Comrade.
With the heat and humidity mixed in with the storms, my Comrade rides the last two weekends have taken place just before dark. Not a problem for me as I love that time of day. Two weeks ago I changed Comrade's bit from a 5" loose ring 3 piece snaffle to a 5.5" 3 piece loose ring KK. I was not sure if the KK would work, but I knew he needed a larger bit. Immediately after putting it in his mouth,he really started playing with the bit and chewing. The KK is much heavier than the other bit. Plus the middle peanuts are a little different.
old bit on left, KK on right
So our first trial ride was bareback, since rain was threatening. I was surprised to have a working pony underneath me. He felt really invested. Comrade did not seem to have any issues with the bit and had so much foam, giving sugar was sticky. We were both dripping after our ride but I was starting to be excited. The next day was a repeat. This time Peggy was there to watch and she saw what I was feeling. The boy did not seem blocked, he was flowing. He did one canter transition so smoothly and quickly he caught me off guard. Who was this Pony? Was it the new bit? Was it because we were bareback? I decided to see how he was the next weekend.
Saturday I put the saddle on to answer that question. Well I can say he was still moving really well. I pushed him hard during this ride. We did more canter work than trot work, but he did not protest. Canter bell curves worked a little counter canter and made him move out to the rail. That was really tough, but only once did he buck and I think that was more a tool to push than a comment. We did shoulder in to canter both ways. A little bit of walk to canter transitions, mostly to outrun the horse flies. With all this his canter was awesome. He had push behind and lift through the shoulders. The dam that has been holding him back for so long seems to have burst.
Finally on Sunday, Mom came out. She looked at the bit and gave approval to the fit. Due to time, I was once again bareback. Comrade showed  Mom his long open trot and lofty canters. Even after the tough ride the day before he gave me everything I asked for. Mom rode him a little afterwards and felt that Comrade was finally comfortable with his body. He believes that the pain is past. I am so glad to feel this new level of work coming from Comrade.
I have wanted to bring him to a CT so much this year, but a niggling feeling kept me from sending in the entry. Looking back now, it was that blockage I was still feeling from Comrade. Now after two months on Corta Flex and dropping some weight he is a different pony. Maybe now is the time to talk to Peggy about a show.

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