Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tent Sale, Hay and Coyotes...Oh My!

Did you miss me? Life kind of got busy.
Saturday was the annual Dover Saddlery tent sale, so we drove up with Peggy. As we were driving our hay supplier called and said he had 3 hay carts ready for us. Mom tried to get the first cart for Sunday, but a chance of rain caused us to schedule it for after the tent sale. Now we had a time constraint.
The tent sale decreases in size every year and it becomes more of a rummage sale too. Even with that, we did find some deals.
1. 10 18inch lengths of keyhole jump tracks, 14 keyhole jump cups. All of this was $50. We will use these on plastic barrels we have already. I can't wait to have more jumps available.

2. A Riding Sport pull on show shirt, that can be collared or have a choker. The collar has light blue/black plaid and it also runs down the sides of the shirt. This was $10. Peggy got a beige plaid one for a little more.

3. Halter fleeces, lead lines for about $5 each.

4. Peggy found a bunch of things that I did not see the price of, but the best deal of the day was definitely the textiline Weatherbeata fly sheet, with belly band and removable neck cover we found for her mare Addie. Regular price was $125 and she got it for $50.

We also picked up some fly masks and Cowboy Magic Yellow Out shampoo at regular prices. All total, we spent about $170. Not too shabby.

Well of course we were running late which meant Mom had to drop me off at our barn, then run Peggy home. I madly hurried to clear the center barn aisle, dig up gloves and sweep up old hay before the cart showed up. Dad arrived just before  our hay guy. I went up in the loft to stack and Dad put the bales on the elevator. Our hay guy just had a pace maker put in and could not do anything much to his dismay. We were doing okay and then it started raining. I had to climb down the elevator to help Dad move the remaining bale forward in the cart out of the rain. Whew! These bales were not nicely stacked. They were tossed in as they were baled in the field. We had to watch our footing while we pulled and shoved bales around. Then I climbed back up and started stacking again. Mom showed up soon after and all 121 bales were finally stacked. Two more loads left to do. I always breathe easier when we have a fuller loft.

And finally Coyotes.
I am unfortunately at an off site for work and working morning hours. As I lose money, I try to be positive with the fact that I get to go to the barn afterwards. Well Monday and today, I rode Rosemary. She needed to burn some carbon yesterday, so we flew across the field with a lovely cob trot. When she settled I headed toward the path between the corn fields. The corn is so tall this year it blocks her sight of the girls allowing her to focus better. To my surprise as we topped the hill, I saw two grey, dog like animals rolling and sniffing the ground near the middle of the downwards side of the hill. I knew they were not foxes and eventually it came to me, coyotes. All the cute little rabbits have drawn them into the area. Rosemary and I sat there for ten minutes watching them before turning around. I finished in the arena instead. Today Rosemary was in the mood to work and we accomplished my goals pretty quick. Again I went to walk the same path. This time the way was clear so I continued down the hill. The closer we got to the area they had been yesterday, the slower and more aware Rosemary became. Suddenly, I saw a whirl of grey motion in the grass next to the corn and Rosemary spun to run. I kept her spinning until she stopped. I patted her neck and waited. Then gradually I was able to get her to walk by the area and turn around to go back up the hill. The whole time her ears we on that spot. I have never seen Rosemary so on edge. Bless her she still listened to me, but she did not like that area.
College girl showed up to ride Dottie, so I warned her. She seemed to slough it off. Hmm, this is the girl that says Dottie spooks at rabbits. You would think she would take this more seriously. Anyway, the coyotes make me count cats more often and change my riding patterns. Hopefully once the corn is harvested they will move further afield.

On top of all this excitement, if it does not rain I will ride Comrade in a lesson with Peggy's trainer, Robert Meyerhoff on Thursday. So more on that if it happens.


  1. Wow, that is wild. Coyotes typically are too timid to come near people/houses. Glad it turned out okay!

  2. Love a good sale. And I like coyotes, never had one come so close.