Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rotten Pony Alert !!!

Today was the day for mischievous Cobs. I was alone at the barn since my Mom had a work class. This meant I had a lot to get done in a short period of time. I was doing well, getting things done. Then I put the horses out. To save time they were going out on grass in muzzles. Turned out the boys, muzzled Jenna and then went to let the girls out. I had their gate wide open. I also had a narrow gate between the boys and girls area open, but blocked by our little spreader to get ready to pick poop. Well Dottie went right out to the field. Rosemary on the other hand went right to the narrow gate, stepped over the tongue of the spreader and went off to play with the boys. OH SHIT!
Now I get to see how Roscoe will behave with a girl on the loose. He tried rubbing his head on her butt and following her. Rosemary kind of looked and said "What the heck are you doing?" Then they all took off running and bucking. It has been over a year and a half since they were last together. I was torn between the clock ticking in my head and awe over watching them move. Cobs and Arabs are animals of beauty especially in motion. After a few unsuccessful attempts at nabbing Rosemary, she finally ran into the sacrifice area with Winston. I quickly shut the gate.
Of course she was still running around not wanting to be caught. I had to slip Winston out before she let me get a hold of her. "Back to your field Pony Girl!"
Somehow even with the escapee pony I made it to work on time. As I diligently clicked away at my computer, my cell rings. It was Peggy. She had a lesson with Bobby today. I was interested to hear how it went since on Sunday Comrade decided right lead canter was not going to happen. He did have a fresh kick on his right hind, so I gave up after a bunch of attempts. With the show coming on Saturday, I asked Peggy to see how his canter was today. So Peggy said Bobby got on and rode him in the grassy area. He picked up both leads. They moved to the sand arena and he again picked up both leads. Not sure why, but they moved back to the grassy area where Comrade stated he was done with the right lead. Bobby told him he was not allowed to say no.
And this is where as Peggy puts it, Comrade had his "Come to Jesus" moment with Bobby. She said at points, Comrade just tried taking off out of the arena. Oh, pony this guy rides bigger, badder horses than you. Bobby was absolutely amazed at the change in Comrade's attitude. Cobs can be wonderful, but if they think they are right it takes a lot to change their minds. Comrade was determined he was not getting off that inside shoulder going to the right. Eventually, Bobby got off and worked him in hand putting him on a small circle almost to the point of doing a shoulder in.
By time they finished, the rotten pony was drenched and huffing. They walked back to the barn and Bobby told his wife "He was a bad pony, I did not expect that." Yep, that's right those cute faces can hide the most stubborn animals on the planet. Fortunately these rebellions don't happen often, but seriously Comrade could have picked a better time. I really hope he is in a better frame of mind by Saturday. For now, Peggy made sure to dig out the bute and lineament. It is really hard work being rotten ;)

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  1. I'm glad Bobby made him mind and got tough with him. You HAVE to earn their respect, and sometimes it takes some bronc busting or CTJ moments, though sometimes it's as small as saying "this is MY outside shoulder and I will put it where I please!" every step for an entire ride. They are so smart. Good luck this weekend!