Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hilton Herb Mudfever Trial

Well this must be our year to participate in trials. Though unlike Winston's Laminil trial, this Hilton Herb trial will last 6 months and will involve Dottie. A few months ago Mom saw a posting about the trial and a request for horses. This year Dottie had a few times where she popped up with krud ie mudfever. One time is was bad enough she had puss running down her hoof. Most of the time it is when they have not cut the grass in a long time and the dew causes problems. She was so very itchy it was difficult to do her shoeing. Having a 1300lb horse lean on you to scratch her legs is not good.

We used Cowboy Magic's Krud Buster for a while with good results, but they no longer make the product. So we fell back on an old trick we used back when Sherman was effected: Medicated body powder. It dries out the icky spots and helps with the itch. Smells good too.
When Mom saw the post, I figured what the hell and signed Dottie up. I had to fill out an initial survey about her and our feeding/turnout practices. Then about a month later they requested pictures of the affected areas. For her it is basically her legs. Then another month later I received an email saying the products would be shipped soon.
At this point I have not be given any specifics other than I would have to fill out surveys and we could not use any other treatments during the trial. I was even more curious when the UPS tracking information came and it showed the package was 32lbs. Whoa!! What were they sending?
And the answer came on Monday:
5 containers of the Mudfever trial supplement
1 bottle of the topical lotion
1 bottle of coal tar, neem and tea tree shampoo

This is a 3month supply and more will come towards the end of that period. Dottie at 16h has to get 4 scoops (50cc) a day of the supplement. It smells really good. So far we think there is garlic and flax seed in it. Wish I knew what the rest was. They said you may have to ease them into eating it, but Dottie is already familiar with the flavor since we feed minced garlic during the summer. She licked it right up. We only feed one meal which makes 4 scoops a lot at one time. To help we are making a medicine ball out of a scoop for the lady to feed her at night. Let's hope she does not mix up Rosemary's and Dottie's medicine balls.
The lotion is to be used if she has a breakout. To be preceded by the shampoo if necessary. Both are suppose to be able to be used on broken skin.
So that is the scoop on this trial. We shall see how this goes.

Hilton Herbs is a great company that makes natural supplements from herbs to help not only horses, but dogs and cats too. They are pricey, but worth it. At least all this is free for the trial.


  1. Cool! Can't wait to read how it works out.

  2. Ooh, I hope that works! The Percheron Shy lives with gets mud fever a lot. His owner has used a product called T-sul, which works great, but it is a bit expensive and hard to find. I am going to tell her about this stuff, too. Can't wait to see how it works for you guys.

  3. Ah poor guy. We had good luck with the medicated body powder. It was the generic Gold Bond that Walmart has. Powdered Dottie's legs before turnout and it helped keep the area dry.