Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Queen and Trace Clips

Well I have been on a bit of a rollercoster. You all know about my scam experience (thanks for the responses), and I will say after my "bug off" email she has left me alone. That is a huge relief. Then it was the wait to get Dottie's shoe put back on. I did not want to pull her other shoe until I knew when my farrier could come out. She has a huge crack from an old injury we prefer to have it supported. Since Dottie wears a size 5 shoe he does not carry them regularly and of course he did not have them when I called. Luckily, the holiday allowed for me to be available for him to work on her. She was due next Saturday anyway.
Much to my surprise my farrier was able to reuse her shoes. Yes I know resets are normal. What is not normal is being able to reset shoes...3 times. Yes that's right Dottie has be able to wear these shoes 4 shoeings. Drafty girl is the Queen of Resets. Our farrier said she could probably go through winter in them :) Advantage of riding on grass.
After the farrier visit the same friends from the mishap came over to ride again. Rosemary gave the girl a really great ride. She even cantered for her. I had to remind her to reward Rosemary with sugar often to keep the work positive. Our injured friend chatted with me on the sidelines. I am glad they both are still coming to the barn.
Nap after working, I love how tucked up she is

Watching Rosemary work made me happy that I FINALLY got to do trace clips. Once I got the blades to stay on (they kept falling off) the clips when well. All three need touch ups because I did not have someone there to pull legs forward. I only do a narrow clip up the neck and then about halfway across the belly with high sides in the girth area. I started with Rosemary because she is dark and I need the most light. She stood so well while I was fixing the body clippers. Then I tackled fuzzy Dottie. Partway through I had to go talk to the Quarter horse owner. I left Dottie standing at the doorway with the lead line tossed over the door rope. I looked over to see her happily watching and waiting. I love my horses. DaVinci was my last one as the light faded. Ever sheared a Polar Bear? Well I think he comes close. I was totally covered by the time I finished with him. Hair everywhere, Ugh.

Clip 1: Rosemary the easy one

Clip 2: Dottie the fuzzy one

Clip 3: DaVinci the polar bear

The end result of clipping

My super cute pony

So those are the ups, the downs are I am sick again. This weird weather is not helping at all. Then we received the call we all have been dreading, my grandfather passed away. Though not a surprise, it still hurts to think my favorite Greek no longer brightens the world. Plus now the worry moves to my grandmother. Her focus has been on his care and now she has to find a new outlet. Mom and Dad have driven down while we take care of things at home. Hopefully, the time off of work will help me feel better on both fronts.

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