Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time Flies

I wish it was because I was having fun, but no such luck. I can say I am almost done with my crazy work schedule, yay. Horse wise, well it is cold and hard. I have hauled a lot of water since our barn pump decided to freeze. Luckily at least one other pump on the grounds was working.
Some good points that have come out of all this cold:

1. 30 degrees feels warm after all negative days

2. We don't have to worry at all about Winston eating grass because it is basically just frozen hay.

3. Rubbing alcohol applied to the pump has helped with our freezing problem.

4. Roscoe got a new heavy weight blanket and he is getting to use it plenty.

His new Schneider's blanket

He is up to a size 66, only a size smaller than the other three
Hard to believe he used to be this small. Dec 2011
 We do get lucky with Roscoe. He wore his first blanket for two seasons, his sheet almost as long and he is able to fit some of our spare blankets. Mom only bought the new one because the waterproofing  failed on his red blanket and the Picador (fleece lined)is a bit long on him.

Roscoe does give us hope for spring. His hormones have started up which must mean the weather will change. Of course the real sign will be when Dottie responds to him too. I am so ready to be done with frozen ground, poop and air.

Now I need to pick my pictures for the photo contest the Welsh hold every year. I have two in mind, but need a third.

Stay warm everyone :)


  1. Glad to hear that someone is examining the "good points" coming from this cold snap. Keep up the positive thinking!

  2. Roscoe looks quite smashing in his new blanket. Stay warm!

  3. Ginger has been in heat like crazy, and one of the horses at the barn is shedding! The days must be getting longer :)