Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Bit Up


Well we had some drama at the end of last week. Lucky Deliah went in Monday to be spayed and other than protesting being confined was doing well. That changed on Thursday night, oh make that Friday morning. She did not eat her dinner and went straight to bed. Then later on came out and had bloody diarrhea on the wee wee pad. If you remember how we lost Kayla last year, you will understand why this put fear in our hearts.
Mom and I brought her to the emergency vet's office. They said it could be caused by her pain medication, hemorrhagic gastro enteritis (what Kayla died of), pancreatitis or some bug. Nothing definitive. They recommended keeping her overnight so she could get IV fluids and observation. The worst part was, even though she would only be staying 5 hours, it cost the same as if she had been there the whole time they were open. Major OUCH! It was worth the money though as she had 3 or 4 more episodes of bloody diarrhea. She looked better when we picked her up in the morning, but we still had to transfer her to our normal vet for further fluid treatment. Thankfully she improved greatly after the days worth of fluids and could go home that night. Now she just has to grow out the poodle cut on her front legs. Somehow it just does not work as well on short little corgi legs.
All the stress led to lack of sleep and a dragging lethargy. By Saturday I felt somewhat more human. I decided to ride bareback which limited myself. Comrade was a bit up, either due to me or to something he did in turn out. We worked with it, but never got the big open trot from previous rides. When he is like this, I stick with lateral work. It slows him down and gets him thinking. Of course, this is the day Peggy could actually video.
Here is a little video of one of his better Should In's and some of his walk work at the end. You can see when he does it correctly he gets very deliberate in his steps.
Shoulder In/ walk

This one is longer and shows a bit of squirreling over and around the little jumps. You can get a view of some of his evasions too.

Comrade has also proven that spring is here by wearing a batch of hives and beginning his clover cough. I think Peggy is going to call Joyce Harman to get him on something this year. Gotta love seasonal allergies :(

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