Saturday, March 29, 2014

See Green, Get Mean

You all know what is coming, Muzzles.

We went from snow scapes to seeing fresh green highlights.

The biggest indication it was time for muzzles was the fact that some of the horses walked away from hay to go nibble at grass. This year we are not taking any chances. Winston and Rosemary have already started wearing muzzles. Then next month they all will start the sacrifice vs grass time. The girls will go two days sacrifice, one day grass. The boys will go one day sacrifice, one day grass. Winston will of course stay on sacrifice completely and will switch who he goes out with.

These two try to give us the sad pony eyes, but we are standing strong. No unhealthy fat allowed. As the grass comes in, we will do crest checks to make sure they are staying soft. Being young and old, Roscoe and DaVinci may get some lee way this year. We will see how it goes. Awareness will be our friend this year.
More later, dang internet is too slow for my patience right now.

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  1. Poor ponies! Connor is going to be drylotted once again this year, so he escapes it.