Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Damn Auto Correct

I came up to my desk at work to find my Mom had sent me a text. Well it took we a minute to translate. It was a total head scratcher until I figured it out.
Here is what she sent:

They put the coffins under dads email. They are sending a copy of them all to him.

Any guesses as to what she actually is talking about? Thankfully a good thing.


  1. Coggins, and I only know this because I have sent my trainer texts about "Connor's coffins" before!

  2. Oh geesh! Glad it was a good thing. There has been two, unexpected deaths of two, too young friends/and children of friends in the last two weeks. Makes one realize that every day is a gift. Hug your family and ponies.

  3. Right in one Jen. After months of trying to get our Coggins electronically we finally had the vet just send them to us. Lisa our brother just put down a cat and Peggy lost a chicken, so my first thought was why did we need coffins. But yes all is well.