Friday, March 7, 2014

Viva Carlos' Magical Blog Hop: 7 Deadly Sins

This looked like fun, so I am putting off my other post idea to write this one :)

7 great things, strengths in riding life

1. Sharing the experience with my Mom
2. Having great friends, especially Peggy who made buying Rosemary possible
3. Owning 5 super horses.
4. Being a horse woman, not just a rider
5. Able to adapt to different horses instead of making them fit me
6. One of my greatest strengths is simply patience
7. Recognizing that owning, riding, training and taking care of horses can take a village.

7 things you lack for you or your horse

1. Property to keep my horses in my own backyard, sigh. Some day
2. The money to be able to provide "extras" to my horses like chiropractic work
3. A leather dressage saddle, preferably a Bates Isabel
4. Lessons, clinics
5. Britches, I only wear them to show or for lessons. Wish I had enough for everyday riding.
6. Heated wash rack
7. With this winter, I definitely envy those that have an arena. Our grass one has been too wet.

7 Things that make you angry

1. Not wearing a helmet, especially if you are in a position that could influence younger riders
2. Archaic horse care methods used by people who are not willing to advance even if their horse would benefit.
3. Having to watch a horse become 3 legged lame before receiving treatment.
4. Over use of "gadgets"
5. People who judge me by my cover and decide I can't possibly ride.
6. Not being able to find tall boots easily because I am short and wide.
7. People who ask "When are you getting a real horse?" because they think anything below 16h are substandard.

7 Things you neglect or cut corners on

1. Cleaning tack. With five horses that tends to pile up. Which reminds me...
2. Cobwebs, the spiders are taking over the barn lately
3. My exercise, really should get started
4. Although my horses truly do appreciate being blanketed, I really do it because it saves me time.
5. I do not always do a perfect groom before riding, though I always make sure pressure areas are clear of dirt.
6. I really should try to clean the horses food bowls everyday, but normally we run out of time. So they end up getting food built up and having to be soaked.
7. Barn laundry, saddle pads, towels, blankets. I am procrastinating taking it home and starting the process

7 most expensive things for you horse/ riding

1. Rosemary probably tops the list for this since she cost more than all of the other three put together and we had our travel expenses too. Then add in pregnancy expenses. Thankfully Peggy and Lisa helped us manage this purchase.
2. Rosemary's sarcoid medication. That is $140 every three weeks.
3. The horses food. We pay $22 for a 40lb bag of Mineral pellets and $35 for rice bran pellets. It is quality and it works so the expense is worth it.
4. My two horse Gore trailer, aah. Except for college, this is my biggest purchase ever at $14, 000. It is perfect though.
5. My Thornhill Germania Event saddle. This was almost $1000 when I bought it and then I paid to have a point billet put in. Right now no one uses it, but I won't sell it.
6. Blankets, each horse has at least four levels of blankets. I shop for deals, but am specific about the brands I will use.
7. Owning and maintaining 5 horses. Not many people can say that at my financial level.
All five of the ponies (Roscoe just happens to be inside Rosemary in this picture)

7 guilty pleasures

1. Spending time just loving on the horses. We are almost late to work sometimes because we take the time to talk to them all.
2. Driving, it is so expensive but so fun
3. When the vet looks at our 20+ year old horses and says they look great
4. Sleeping in because my ponies can handle not being on a set schedule
5. Living at home, paying minimal rent so I have more money for the horses
6. Taking pictures of the horses and dogs
7. Proving all those people who judge me by my appearance wrong by showing them I do have riding skills.

7 Things you love about riding/ horses

1. They all have their own characters and mine show it
2. The connection that builds on the ground and in the saddle, so great
3. The constant challenge and growth
4. The satisfaction that comes from providing well mentally and physically for your horses.
5. The good surprises and fun that can happen, like Rosemary helping pull the hay the other day.
6. The variety of disciplines available
7. The love my horses show me everyday


  1. Boy do I feel you on Wrath #4, #6, and #7.

    I just recently bought boots and had a hard time finding them for my short legs (I call them my pony legs). It was so frustrating!

    And oh #7. I actually used to think like those people. Very "oh my horse is taller than your horse" (and thus better), but then I realized that shorter people, or at least I, tend to ride better on shorter horses and I don't need a ladder to get on him AND he's an easy keeper (feed efficient my vet likes to call him).

    By the way - I see you have a Lisa baby! He is a doll. Really stunning. I saw pics of him through Lisa at some point and was beyond impressed!

    1. Hey, Erika I am a big fan of Gavin, almost bought him after I lost my Arab. But finances were not there. So glad he found a home with you. Can't wait to get Roscoe under saddle.
      My friend found me boots at a place in England. They are a bit short, funny right, but otherwise they are great. I figure I match my Cob:)

  2. Totally people who don't think smaller horses aren't "real" horses.