Monday, June 16, 2014

Sleepy Pony and A Show Update

This would be a show review except that I don't have the pictures and videos ready yet. I will say it was a very long day and Comrade and I parted company for the first time. The boys were super and behaved. They each spent a lot of time on the trailer alone and together all throughout the day. We only had to shut the escape door at times when Roscoe got excited about the Appie/cross mare at the next trailer. I love that they just chill during the down time. We did not have any big wins, but we all were proud of them both. More about the show later.

Well Roscoe got lucky today. He got to have his wolf teeth pulled...Finally. I braided his forelock and tucked it up out of the way. Then I knotted his tail up so he did not step on it. When the vet came he explained that he would sedate him then put on a rig that would help hold his head up. Can you guess what my job was? Yep I held the rope attached to his head. That got some Cob grunts.
What a heavy head as he tried to use the wall to help

 Roscoe got some really good drugs though, right in the blood. He was out in no time. I wondered if he would stay up. He did. The vet located the nubs, then used what looked like a punch tool on them. Then he was able to pull them out. They were a lot smaller than I expected.
His wolf teeth

 Roscoe was happily in La La land and did not react at all since he was numbed too. The vet rinsed him before filing down some edges near the sites. At the grinding noise the grey boys were like "What the Hell? We just got that done." I had to tell them they were not participating this time.
Once he was filed and rinsed, he was released. Roscoe was snoring and wobbling. He only almost fell once while I watched, but boy was he out. I had to laugh when I really looked at him. Most boys drop when sedated. Well Roscoe had everything tucked up so high he looked like a gelding. I guess he heard my comment to the vet that Roscoe was lucky he was only losing teeth, when boys tend to lose their balls at the same time. He only let them hang again once he was waking up. Ah, Boys :)
The best part was that it ended up being $132 which was over $50 cheaper than the vet originally said. A couple hours later Roscoe was awake enough to go sniff poop and drop some stud splats. Back to normal and our cue it was time to go to work.

You can see his instability

Hang lip, still dripping some blood

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  1. Poor pony! Connor is a cheap date with drugs too.