Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Best Compliment

I got a call while at work that started the way you never want to hear, " The vet is here..." What???

Once I was assured by Peggy that no one was hurt and the vet was in the area and decided to come do Roscoe's health certificate. They just needed to know his shot history. Cue the sigh of relief. Of course whether or not the vet should give Roscoe shots is Mom's decision. That meant jumping through hoops to get Mom on the phone. The vet examined Dottie for us while I contacted Mom.

I had to settle Mom down over the change of days, but finally got her to call Peggy and answer the questions. The vet, a new one to us, was impressed with Roscoe. She felt his temperament and build made him worthy to pass on his genes. When Peggy went to recatch him, so he could get his shots, and Roscoe walked up, put his halter she was amazed. By the end of her dealings with him, she even said he was the best stallion she had been around.

As an owner that is the best compliment I could receive. Mom too. I love knowing Roscoe is a good citizen. We have worked hard to establish boundaries to keep him happy but respectful. Hopefully, his lessons will stay with him as he works with the breeder and Jen.

So now he has his shots and health certificate. The check marks are adding up and the days are down to 7.  This seemed so far away when Lisa proposed it last year.


  1. That is truly an awesome compliment to receive! What a credit to you :)

  2. Oh gosh that is THE BEST!! How much were you just GUSHING over your lovely boy?! I just know he will be a star in Indiana. :)

  3. oh wow - it's coming so soon! it must be super reassuring to know you've helped him become such a good boy - i'm sure he's going to be perfect on his little adventure :)

  4. That is so great! Compliments from knowledgeable strangers are always the most gratifying. You've really done an outstanding job with Roscoe :D

  5. Thanks everyone! The vet also thought he was expensive. He is actually priceless ;)