Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Rosemary

Our pretty little pony turned 8 today. To celebrate Peggy and I harnessed her up and took her for a drive. Rosemary loves to drive so it seemed fitting. Deliah came along, enjoying her status as carriage dog, but we had to keep the drive short as thunder rolled. As Peggy put it, Rosemary is a dream to drive. She wants to please and listens so well. With the weather, we just trotted down the road a couple miles before turning back at a walk. She handled the heat and humidity great. Peggy gave her a fancy treat for her birthday after her hose down. And she pushed me for some treats when I put her back out. Some things you can get away with on your birthday.

At 8 she is looking mature and keeping her color. So far no fading this year. She is one of the prettiest cob mares I have seen, not that I am biased or anything. I really hope we can get her to some shows this year and let others see her. She seems to have forgiven us for sending Roscoe away, but is not thrilled with being stuck with Comrade. Unfortunately, the cobs have to watch their weight along with Winston, so they spend the night together. Rosemary has been known to stir up the boys if she can by doing laps in the sacrifice area. She adds spice to our life.

The big spice she added to our life, Roscoe, is showing Lisa his dramatic side. He is behaving though and listening to her, which makes me feel good. On the other hand he is no Casanova when it comes to the mares. Poor boy has no idea how to treat a girl and has directional issues of where to mount. The good news is he lets Lisa pull him off, the bad news is he kicks toward the mares when he does come off. I trust Lisa completely to handle everything and keep things safe, but it is hard when my boy is being rotten. Mom and I both are like maybe if she tries this or that, but when you are 10 hours away you can only speculate. Hopefully Roscoe will figure out being sweet to the girls will work so much better for him. Ah well boys.

Roscoe is one of Rosemary's great achievements, so I hope some of her will show in the foals. 12 more days until we make the trip to see him again. I can't wait.

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