Saturday, April 23, 2016

Comrade Captured and Waiting

Since Comrade had his acupuncture and chiro visit, he has been moving really well. I brought my camera so that we could capture it on film. He was a great subject, letting Peggy direct him while I took the pictures.
Meanwhile, we are still waiting for his sister to give birth. Dyma Hi seems to be taking the full gestational period. Hopefully she will decide the time is right soon. Why is time going so slow now, when the year previous has gone by so quickly?
The other thing going slow is the healing of my hand. The swelling is now reduced to just the area around my middle knuckle along with the pain. Trial and error has shown things like using a stapler or my nippers produce an immense amount of pain. I went back to the doctor, but they just said to go to the orthopedic doctor who can't see me until May 2nd. So I continue to try and minimize the actions that cause pain, but still get my work completed. At work I had to move my mouse to the left side of my computer because muscle memory was killing my hand. Everyone cross your fingers, because I can't, and hope that I get full use soon. I am missing my ride time I had last month.

That face...

Making sure I got his good side :)



  1. He looks fabulous! Sorry about your hand though. That makes it tough.

  2. Aw sorry your hand is still so sore. And cmon mares we want to see some goal pictures!!!!