Thursday, April 14, 2016

Moving On, Moving Around

Just last year :)

Thank you everyone for your comments. It was completely the right decision, especially when we look back a month or two and see Sonny's actions in a different light. But the hole is still there and we all find ourselves trying to make Sonny's food or check his level of chopped hay. I had to blanket horses and felt so incomplete because my count was wrong. You don't realize until Sonny was gone, how much of the barn activity was centered around him. Two old horses snarking is not the same as three doing it at feed time. And the quiet is tough. We are moving on though and looking ahead to the arrival of Roscoe babies. Which, by the way could come any time now.
The other moving on part is Deliah. She had her second acupuncture session yesterday and felt better than the first time. We need to get her working the hills to build up her butt muscles. Two weeks of little activity has definitely decreased her muscle. And similar to what we do with the horses, she needs belly lifts to stretch and strengthen her back. Once it gets warm enough, she can start swimming. Deliah will be a happy puppy to be able to get out of the crate and with care play again.
And yes the horses are moving on too. They all grieved and some worried. DaVinci, now the oldest, was stressed and we gave him some extra TLC. Working wise, I am getting the Cobs moving on and around better then ever. With both Rosemary and Roscoe I used the set up from my lesson and did the Circle, Diamond, Square exercise. At each of the blocks, I could ask them to moves haunches or shoulders, then move on to the next point.

Can you see the paths for the different shapes?
For some reason, only the Cob brain understands, the blocks worked better than the fence. Rosemary was responded less defensively and actually moved the requested parts. For Roscoe, it helped with his bend. They both figured out to wait and see what I would ask after we had a discussion about anticipating my requests. The best part was the consistency they developed and maintained through the changes of shape. Amazing how simple visuals can aid in such a big way. Though I am now itching to ride Comrade, I have only had a chance to lunge him. This was the first time since his adjustment and acupuncture. We were all surprised to see him moving the best we have ever seen. He was reaching through his shoulder while pushing and stepping under from behind. I seriously wished for my camera. He looked that good. Hopefully he will offer it again so I can get pictures. Comrade easily picked up canter both ways and did not pull on the line. We ended out on trail where he jumped over the blue barrels with little hesitation. Someone benefited from his experience as a pin cushion. The chiropractor said he did not feel that bad so even she was surprised by how well we said he moved.

So Sixpence Farm is moving on with life and learning, but will forever be touched by the grand old gentleman Sonny.
(And Carly, I nearly cried when you used that description as it was exactly what I called him that day)

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