Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Birthday and The Naming Game

Can you believe the first colt is a month old? Seriously time moves so fast when they hit the ground.
Speaking of Birthdays, the five time Granddam is now 9 years old. Happy Birthday Rosemary!!!

They really need names. Names that will show the character and presence they all have. This process shows I am picky. When we were waiting for Rosemary, we already had a girl name and a boy name and only slightly changed it around when Roscoe arrived.
So this process is a lot more complicated especially since boy names did not come to me and what do you know, there are FOUR boys. And the one girl needs a Royal name.

If you have any suggestions, let me know.
Baby D
He needs a name beginning with a D. My choices were Draco(dragon), Daire and Drem (which means Sight in Welsh). He is so cool and has such presence, he needs a strong name.

Baby Royal
She needs a royal designation. Her uncle is Last Emperor, her cousin is Fflying Duchess and her other relative is Brenin Cardi. Her barn name will be Siren to honor Lisa's son who made a movie.
My choices were Reyna (Queen), Rosy Empress (after her granddam), Ritzy Graffiniya (countess).

Baby R

He needs a name beginning with R. Since he looks like Roscoe we thought to show that.
My choices were Roscoe Remix, Repeat ReFflection, Rowan and Ridley.

Baby E
He needs a name beginning with E. Unfortunately the E word synonymous with Reflection was taken by his half brother last year, bummer.
My choices were Esquire, Ember (comes from Jeremy which means "lifted by God"), Ethan.

Baby F
He needs a name beginning with Ff. I have not had a chance to think about his name, so my choices are still in progress,  Maybe Ffierce Flyer (he likes to run), or Flicker since he has all the spots of white.


  1. I LOVE Repeat ReFflection and also Rosy Empress. I'll have to think on the rest. :)

  2. Repeat ReFflection is just fabulous

    1. Yep, the breeder came up with that one and I love it.

  3. I LOVE Draco, Reyna and Repeat ReFflection!

    1. Those were my first picks, though I may have changed the filly's now.

  4. I love Draco!
    For the princess: I love Reaghan (royal in Irish), Rayna (queen),
    Love Roscoe
    How about 'Echo' (sort of like reflection)

    1. Reaghan is cool! I do think she is a little queen though. Remember that name I said was already taken, yep, Echo. That is his half brother from last year. I have not ribbed the breeder about that yet.

  5. My picks:
    1) Draco (PS - I have a serious crush on this one. He's sooo swoon worthy0
    2) Reyna (ooh - or Reaghan!)
    3) Rowan
    4) What about Eros for Baby E? Or what Teresa said above with Echo?
    5) I like Ffierce flyer. I think you could pair a lot of stuff up with Ffierce and it'd sound great!

    They are a great group of babies! Now if only I had any money! ;)

    1. I though Rowan was kinda cool. Eros would end up being called cupid so I think we nixed that last year for his brother, who is called Echo.
      I wish you could get one of the foals! Now to see what Lisa decides to name them.

  6. I am the absolute worst at naming, but I like repeat refflection and flicker and drem and rosy empress :)

  7. I didn't know Baby Royal is Fergie's cousin! I love Reyna for her name and the barn name of Siren is fabulous!